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Amanda Cooper

I don't mind their pizza at all. It is better than Pinos and Guisseppis. The delivery drivers are very prompt and polite. The prices are reasonable. You get a lot of food for the money.

Corey Hayes

This is my favorite pizza place the food is great and prices are low

David Griffith

We love Anna's and visit often. For us it is close and the food is great. A real win-win!

David Weinand

Anna's is great! We're trying to cut back on fast food, but Anna's fresh, homemade ingredients allow us to "cheat"! Great prices, big portions, and super quick service!

David White

Just tried it last week. It's now my new favorite pizza place in Rockford. I was getting tired of all the other places around here. They had the best pizza I've ever had in the Rockford area and great wings.

Holly Hurston

It's so close to our house we always just go pick up the pizza. It is ready in under 15 minutes. Its always hot and always good. Prices are very good for the size of pizzas you get. It's one of the few places I will eat pizza from.

Jennifer Rieder

I love Anna's! They are always a great place to order from, and their food is delicious!

Kishla Jones

I just love them!!! GREAT FOOD N FAST SERVICE!!! Everyone is so nice!!!!!!

Lauren M

Good pizza. Locally owned. We routinely go here to support local businesses. Owners do a lot of work in the community. Good people.

Ryan Trudo

Terrific pizza and fried ravioli